Progressive Web App for books trading

project overview

MerciBOOKoup is an innovative progressive web app that allows users to trade their books with people from their neighborhood.
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Project type:
Web Development
Progressive Web App
date completed:
November 2, 2022

The Brief

MerciBOOKoup is a non-profit organization started in 2019 by the two book lovers Amina Bouri and Tom Tacken. Their goal is threefold: giving everyone free access to books, strengthening social connections between people, and promoting a circular economy. How are they working towards these goals? By facilitating book swapping between people! They organize book swapping events, install swapping bookcases, and now have this beautiful book swapping app online.

Our Approach

Kiitos created the App MerciBOOKoup from the ground up. From front-end to back-end, reaching out to designers and more. All following Agile principles.

The Solution

MerciBOOKoup is live! Now users can find and share books in their neighborhood and meet people that shares the same interest with them all over Europe.
Kiitos team did an amazing job: the app is looking very good, the demos were funny and clear, all comments were nicely addressed, and communication went smooth! Thank you Kiitos team for your collaboration and for making our dream come true!
Tom Tacken

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